Our Favorite Twitter Haikus

National Poetry Month has come to a close and so has our Haiku Contest on Twitter. We received so many great tweets over the past two weeks that it was difficult to choose which lucky few to feature, but we managed to agree on a handful of favorites. Here they are!

@SaadiaOnline made us contemplate the deliciousness of the season with her haiku:

on the interstate
the trees look like broccoli
delectable spring

@haikuclouds made us want to dance among the new growth:

train nasturtiums
through the trellis triangles
dancing to Cheap Trick

@haiku_andy wins the award for our most enthusiastic participant. He tweeted many haikus over the course of the contest. Here’s two:


tenderloin evening
red wine served in hip cafes,
on the sidewalk, too


spring is halfway spent
and what have I got to show?
handful of haiku

@hunterjess’s haiku made us shiver with anticipation for what Spring will bring:

Inspire cold air
Hot sun hidden by water
A rainbow of gray

And @kennynowell made us smile with his failbetter shout-out:

Thank you failbetter
for giving my nervous brain
a task to gnaw on

Thank you, @kennynowell, and all of our participants! We hope you will continue to share with us your inspirations, writing, musings, and whatever else is on your mind. More contests like this are on the way, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on FB to stay in the loop!

Questions or Comments? Email mglover@failbetter.com.