Mutatis mutandis

We have new competition, or rather a new colleague, in the online lit game. And not from another garden-variety litmag, but rather Mutating the Signature, which is more than a bit different from traditional journals. For details, we turn it over to our alum Dana Guthrie Martin, and her co-publisher, Nathan Moore:

Mutating the Signature is a space where issues are produced by two curators working together to write for, with and to each other over the course of the issue. Two poets — or one poet and one artist of any type — can use the issue they are curating to strengthen or form a creative relationship and creative partnership. At the same time, both can develop their own work and collaborate with each other in whatever ways they might want to collaborate.

What's that mean in practice? Check out their site to see - it's been live now for several weeks. Best of luck, Dana and Nathan.