Audrey Walls - our new assistant editor

The thing about this place is, we've got so d*mn much to do, and so few people to do it. Just look at those cobwebs that need to be cleaned off the window frames! Not to mention that stack of submissions that need to be read...


Fortunately we've got another set of hands coming on board, as of now. Even more fortunately, they're the capable hands of Audrey Walls. She joined us as an intern a while back, and from day 1, she did a such a bang-up job - helping out with interviews, reading submissions, killing the occasional cockroach - that it was a no-brainer to ask her to join us as an editor. As our new assistant editor, to be specific.

Before she grabs a broomstick to have at those spiders, let's have her come up to the mike for a sec, to tell you all a little bit about herself:

“Originally from the backwoods of southwestern Virginia, I now live in Richmond, Virginia in a rowhouse built in 1880, with my husband and three cats. In my spare time, I enjoy taking photographs of my neighborhood's quirky happenings, digging through old vinyl records at thrift stores, and baking up a storm in my tiny kitchen. I first came across years ago, as an undergraduate, and I'm thrilled to join the team.”

And see that - she's a team player to boot. Definitely the quality of work is about to improve hereabouts, and perhaps we'll even be quicker about responding to submissions. Perhaps. In any case, we're more than glad to have her, and we hope you'll join us, in making her feel welcome.