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We're Taking The Month Off -- August

We're Taking The Month of August Off...

On influence and craft: 3 questions for Anthony Carelli

"In my puzzling quest to write poems Crane has been more my guiding star than my captain; I don’t really know how to take instruction from him; I don’t know how to glean strategies of craft from his impeccable poems..."

The "Count": failbetter, 2011

One late night, having had too much coffee, I got a little curious as to what our “count” might look like if VIDA

...or are you happy to see us? 2 questions for Etgar Keret

"Etgar, rumor has it that you wrote “What Do We Have in Our Pockets?” because your friends were asking you what's in your pockets..."

"Disaster" and beyond: 1 question for Donald Illich


Donald Illich is the author of "The Mistake" and "The Talent," both of which are live today on our site.


An actual experience, and then a poem: 1 question for Damian Fallon

"'Bats' is based on an actual experience. I live in Brooklyn, close to Prospect Park, and one summer day friends and I picnicked there until well after the sun set, and there were honest-to-goodness bats whirling around above us..."