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Love By Drowning - Q&A with C.E. Poverman

Front Coverfb alum Buzz Poverman's latest novel, Love By Drowning, was just published....the

Advice from the Editors

We decided to try something new here at Advice! If you have any questions about, well, anything tangentially related to literature in all its forms, books, or the search for meaning in life, love and letters, let us know!

For example, Have you ever wondered why all movies that feature writers tend to portray (us) them as neurotic, tortured, maniacal and/or curmudgeonly? And how is it possible that Ethan Hawke seems to embody all of these characteristics at once?  Then this is your forum!

Authors, Pets, Inspiration!

So, not exactly news, but  the always interesting Brain Pickings has an interesting post about the important role pets play in the life of famous authors. As a struggling writer, I am personally enjoying my dog barking loudly and with fury at our neighbor coming in to the apartment across the hall for the fifth time this evening. Never mind that we have lived her for three years and my dog should know better. He’s cute and he’s he is always willing to watch whatever is on TV without argument.

Paper Lives!

In the midst of big news that has to do with paper (like, oh, Amazon buying Goodreads) it's always fun to inject some light into the argument.

While we are forever debating (and reading about) whether or not we are reading more less these days, leave it to the French to have a witty response to our constant digital vs. paper argument:

Marlin Barton Talks Novellas

Who better to discuss the form than an author who has just published his last novella excerpt? Read Part 3 of "Playing War" here

What’s in a Name? A Few Thoughts on the Novella / By Marlin Barton

The Bell Jar or Chick Lit?

One of these images is just as hellacious as the other:

1. The Carnival Triumph “cruise from hell’ that left passengers drifting in the Gulf of Mexico with backed up plumbing and no AC, forced to erect tent villages on the deck:

Quickie Q & A with failbetter Author Grant Ginder

We try to be a full service journal over here at failbetter, anticipating your wants and needs as readers before you are even wanting or needing. That's what 2 or 3 Questions is all about--and now, it's Grant Ginder's turn in the hot seat.

Happy Ho Days!

if you are still looking for possible gift ideas...

They said what?

I attended one of my first literary award dinners this past weekend. I will not bore you with the details of which famous author’s hand I got to shake or details of the other guests at my table, aside from saying that the odd assemblage of said characters bluster was reminiscent of a zany Preston Sturges film. While a fine time was had by all, I walked away (albeit slowly in ill-chosen “black tie appropriate” stilettos) wishing that I had a better sense of what the nominated books were about.

An Introduction, and then some things that are funny. . .

So, it's a little strange to introduce yourself--you know, the awkwardness and limitations of the first person POV. I'll make it short and sweet:

My name is Shannon O'Neill and I'm the brand spanking new social media director here at Failbetter. I'm a Taurus, I remember a world before the Internet and I'm currently pursuing an MFA here in Richmond, VA. Before my stint here in RVA, I was a Metro Detroit native,and remain a Midwesterner at heart.

Here is what I look like when I'm smiling: